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First French Chamber of Commerce established in a foreign country, on December the 3rd 1882, the Montevideo French Chamber of Commerce serves French companies. It communicates about Uruguayan resources. The various elements which can take part on the country’s development, and the French market share, are witnesses of our institution’s vitality and are our greater satisfaction.

The CCFM aims are:

1. To serve the perfect knowledge of Uruguay, of its commercial relations with France and others countries that compete on this market.

2. To help French government agents in order to inform French commerce.

3. To make know French capacities in four domains:


- To inform about Uruguay (economic data) in France. About know how, high-tech, and scientific news concerning France, through the “URUGUAY-FRANCE” bulletin.

- To make lists of French companies established in Uruguay, linked with the MFCC.


- To propose our office and our equipment (fax, phone, computers, printers, and photocopier).

- To look for markets and help French exporters in the choice of representatives in Uruguay.

- To organize missions, individual interviews, and meetings with businessmen in Uruguay.

- to make lists of French companies established in Uruguay, linked with the MFCC.


- To organize a yearly banquet, in order to favor social, political and commercial relations with the Uruguayan government.

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- Since 1998, the MFCC represents in Uruguay, PROMOSALONS, a French organization in charge of the international promotion of French trade fairs.